Watch me dissect the dog
in 8m 27s

In case you missed it, here's the email I'm talking about:

What my DOG taught me about YOUR marketing

Every night it's the same.

He follows me around the house - trying to guide me towards the kitchen.

When I do go in, there he sits ... glancing hopefully at a particular cupboard.

What's so special about that cupboard?

It's the one we keep his treats in. And Bailey knows it's evening treat time.

Last night, after we'd finished the ritual, it hit me. Our regular game contains a stack of marketing advice.

And here it is:

A marketing guru yesterday

With me as his prospect, Bailey needs to guide me to what he wants me to do.

He follows me about the house.

You need advertisements ... remarketing ads which track prospects as they surf ... a constant flow of letters, emails, mailouts, etc.

Every one pushing the buttons to get your prospects to give in and click, enquire, or buy.

And what buttons should you use? Emotional ones.

Most people won't admit it. But everyone runs on emotion, using logic to justify their decisions.

Bailey's mournful face and hopeful glances do it for me. But what about your prospects? What emotions do you need to stir up in them?

Here's 7 you should use: But there's more ...

Benefits. You have to cover every benefit your product, or service will bring to your prospect.

In my case it's having Bailey happy. And - of course - out of my way.

What are the benefits to your prospects?

Objections. You have to counter every possible objection a prospect might have.

Bailey knows he has to keep me sweet by behaving, or there's no treat.

I'm certain your prospects aren't such simple beings. So make sure you head off any of their possible objections.


every benefit missed, or objection not countered is a sale lost.

But no matter how good your marketing is, or how great your product, or service is ...

if you don't have 1 vital ingredient, you're doomed. What is it?

People who will actually want whatever it is you sell. The starving crowd as the great Gary Halbert called them.

My furry, 63.5 kg, lugubrious starving crowd is obvious. Is yours?

Your starving crowd might - like Bailey - come to you, raising their paw to show their interest.

Or you might have to go out and find them.

The first group are - of course - the quicker and easier to sell to. But persuade them well and your 2nd group will be very profitable too.

Now, what about you?

Are you interested in us helping you with your marketing?

If you are, please just fill in the simple form below - I'll get back to you straight away.

And I promise I won't let Bailey anywhere near you - unless you really want me to.