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take David Ogilvy's advice

9:30am - 5:30pm on 25th October 2018

At S.S. Great Britain, Great Western Dockyard, Gas Ferry Rd, Bristol, BS1 6TY, England

Almost exactly 60 years ago I walked into Manchester Central Library, picked up a book - and my life was changed forever.
The book was called 'Copy: The Core of Advertising'."
And it put me on the path to millions. For it taught me the power of words.

Most marketers to this day have no idea just how powerful they are.

Without changing what you sell at all one different word - sometimes just one letter - can transform loss to profit.

I have seen it happen. Sometimes I've made it happen.

I have seen one word in a subject line boost sales by 50%

I once saved a huge business on the brink of collapse - just by changing words and pictures.
Would you like to know how?
Then this is your chance to acquire all the knowledge I've picked up since that day 60 years ago.

60 years of working for some of the biggest and smallest firms in the world. 60 years rising to the pinnacles of business - and sinking to the depths of near bankruptcy ...

But also 60 years working with some of the most talented, remarkable and sometimes crazy people you can imagine. (Like the brilliant designer who used to end his day by going round tidying his people's desks).

And 60 years whizzing round the world, from the Great Wall of China to the Taj Mahal to the Victoria Falls to the Great Barrier Reef - at my cllents' expense

60 years I wouldn't change for the world.

Could it come true for you?

This may be your last chance - I am 82 after all - to find out how I did it.

And for you to benefit from those 60 years of triumph and disaster.

To profit from whatever wisdom I have acquired ... to be warned of the perils I've escaped, and - yes - to be entertained by some rather incredible experiences I've lived through.

I'll try to avoid talking about the three stabbings I survived ... or my days as marketing director for an ex-mafia honcho who left me stranded in Frankfurt without a penny ... let alone my attempts to sell fake Chagall paintings in Sydney ... but my tongue does tend to wag.

Read on and decide ...

But don't hesitate. Seats are limited. And the price will go up, not down, as the deadline nears.

What you get before, during and after we meet

Secrets of how to sell almost anything - Cars, Conferences, Cruises, Investments, Football clubs, Politicians, Credit Cards, Clothes, Vacations, Jobs, Charities, Language Courses, Wine - and many more - all with examples.

127 revealing examples of copy for email, direct mail, press ads, landing pages, websites, posters, TV commercials - in all media, to sell anything.

All analysed in detail so you discover what works, what doesn't, and why.

Win a prize: 20 tests - a prize for the winners!

FREE consultation: your copy reviewed and questions answered - before, while and after you attend.

All of this for only £999 - book your seat now

Your cast iron, income doubling, 100% satisfaction, no quibble guarantee:

"If within 2 hours of taking your seat you aren't 100% sure this day will double your income, you get all your money back - instantly."

- Drayton Bird

S.S. Great Britain - A unique, historic venue

This extraordinary ship was the first propeller driven liner to cross the Atlantic.

Later she took migrants to Australia

And you get a free tour. It really is fascinating.

This may not be the biggest bonus you'll get but I guarantee it will be one of the most enjoyable.

Free video worth £303.42 reveals the secrets of the second best copywriter I ever worked with

Is this really your last chance?

You may have noticed last year I ran my Last Hurrah.

It was the last 2-day seminar I will ever run.

I will be 82 when I run this one-day event

So I have no idea if I'll ever do another.
To be frank, I doubt it.

See what attendees said about my previous events

You'll also learn all this:

Copy that works - and why

Copy that flops - and why

What kills your copy stone dead

30 Quick tips for better copy from 10 top writers

When long copy, when short - and why

The one question you must answer - or fail

Why copywriting is a dead-end street - and how to escape it

Where ideas come from and the secret to having good ones

MISTAKE! Why it's not enough to understand, study or write good copy

Powerful emotions that make people act - or ignore you

What your brief absolutely must contain

How to sell your copy: presentation secrets

The Great Digital Frenzy - What you need to know (and avoid)

How changing your offering can skyrocket your income

Hilarious (but wise) advice from the "academic" who swears like a trooper

Why content = hogwash (but can make you more money)

Why almost everything almost all marketers do now is insane

Still not quite sure you should come?

Please don't take my word for it. Read what others have been saying for over 40 years:
"That was great - everyone was really buzzed up when we left ... 48 hours later I got two good pieces of copy from people who'd never written before in their lives"

- Rowan Gormley, Co-Founder, Virgin Money, Virgin Wines, Naked Wines and CEO Majestic Wines

"One hundred percent of delegates said they would recommend it to their colleagues"

- Lisa Drapkin, American Express HQ, New York

"Drayton Bird doesn't teach, he inspires you. One day with him is worth a month with most other professionals"

- Rod Pullen, Managing Director, Batey Advertising Singapore

"I learnt more in half an hour of Drayton Bird than on the 6-day marketing course I attended"

- Senior Marketing Manager, Xerox (UK)

"One delegate put Drayton Bird's ideas into practice and in one week the responses increased by 25 percent"

- Robert Howells, Director, Marketing Systems, IBIS information Services

"Our clients in Asia line up to hear him speak. Others fly him to exotic places to speak for an hour at a marketing meeting"

- Godfrey Rooke, Managing Director, O&M Direct Hong Kong

"If your business at all relies on direct marketing, grab Drayton Bird's seminar notes, do exactly what he says, and watch the promotions work... then secretly delight as people call you the expert"

- Carl Daikeler, President Beachbody (a leading DRTV firm)

"In 2 days, I found answers to a year's worth of problems"

- Monica Yip, Chase Manhattan Bank, Hong Kong
Now see what Clayton Makepeace, Ken McCarthy, Steve Harrison, Perry Marshall, Ian Brodie, Gary Bencivenga, Andy Owen and Brian Kurtz - all famous, brilliant copywriters and marketers themselves - say about me:

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In 8 stuffed full of great advice hours, you'll also learn:

  • Quick advice on good writing; what makes your copy easy to read; 12 tricks that keep people reading plus 39 words and phrases that attract readers like magic.

  • The four word difference between good copy and stuff that breaks the bank

  • The Nod Factor

  • Advice from the Blue Mountains about the world's most priceless - and limited - commodity. You already possess it. But are you using it wisely?

  • The 7 vital essentials that ensure your copy gets read.

  • Your 3 deadliest enemies you must overcome

  • The curse of the Marketing Iceberg - one of the main reasons most firms always screw up.

  • The very short letter which got 78% response from a dead list.

  • My checklist for success: save yourself a ton of worry

  • Visual secrets most art directors are totally unaware of.

  • Where Ogilvy's communication secrets came from

A Glut of Incompetence - A Glorious Opportunity For You

Never has there been more demand for copy.

People may call it "content" or whatever they like but in the end it's words and pictures put together to sell and persuade.

That demand is far greater than the supply - there are more copywriters than ever, but fewer know what they're doing than ever before.

Few have ever had to do what I have done - and continue to do: risk their own money selling with words and pictures

If you want to know what it's taken me decades to learn then you should be with me in Bristol on October 25th 2018.

Because you'll learn ...
... What to know before you write ...
How the right brief inspires great copy

A lesson in creativity - from a Nuclear Physicist

Where brilliant ideas come from - and how to find them without trying

The simple secret of positioning - and why it's so crucial

What Mama Bear can teach you. She lived right across the street from me

The one question all prospects ask - which most copy ignores

How to start your copy

A Tale of Two Cleaners - why research misleads you

5 sad truths most copywriters don't grasp

Get your copy "tone" right: a great adman's childishly simple test

Why most e-mails stink and what you can do about yours

Timeless advice from great writers

Looking for inspiration? Ogilvy's recipe

7 books you MUST read

How to become a COMPLETE marketer

My sheep-feeding technique applied to your copy

What's missing from most websites?

What grazing horses teach about selling online

What makes a powerful landing page? My partner Gerald explains

What makes the perfect email?
... What to know while you're writing ...
How to manage your time

Magic words that sell

The perfect advertisement in 57 words

The little ad that saved a multi-million £ business

The 5 questions you must answer for your copy to sell

Headless ads? Ogilvy's sly trick

Which headlines work best - and why? Most people get it wrong

Which subject lines get people reading? Most people get it wrong

Which pictures help your copy - and which kill it?

Which layouts kill readership? Which help it?

Little wrinkles that boost response

How one letter turns loss into profit

10 of the greatest ads ever - and why they worked

My magic money-making copy equation

Which blogs are highest rated?

Crazy Chinese magic that sells like mad

The secret sauce most copy lacks

"Copy, copy everywhere - but not a lot that sells"

If you're a writer, you're an avid reader - or you will FAIL.

And if you're an avid reader you recognize "Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink" from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

That's like the situation today in copy - a situation that is your great opportunity.

Never have more people been writing copy- and never has there been a greater demand for copy - or content as they call it now.

Yet amazingly few people indeed - those who write copy or who pay for it - have a clue about what works and what doesn't.

This one day crash course crams in everything I've learned the hard way abut communications that persuade. How to plan. How to get ideas. How to find inspiration. How to ensure people read, listen and watch what you want them to - and then ACT. And how to make sure you've got it all right.

This is your last opportunity to find out what it has taken me a lifetime to learn about all these things.

If you aren't 100% convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it's worth 10X the cost, you'll pay nothing.

Don't miss out - book your place NOW

... What to know after you've written

17 questions that seal your copy's fate

Presentation know-how: what a great salesman taught me

The perfect advertisement in 57 words.

A guerrilla marketing classic

The very short letter that pulled 78% from a half-dead list.

Is your copy in the right place - but getting the wrong results?

How one letter in an ad turns loss into profit.

10 of the greatest ads ever - and why they worked

The 5 questions you can't afford to ignore

Why it pays to be stupid

Little wrinkles that boost response - one takes little more than 10 words.

Check list for success

The lesson I failed to learn (it could have doubled my income)

How to stop persecuting your readers

Why it pays to be a little bit schizophrenic

"Ogilvy was wrong - and so was I"

In 1985 David Ogilvy said my book - Commonsense Direct Marketing - contained "the knowledge of a lifetime".

That was 33-odd years ago. The book is still selling. But it's much longer because I have learnt a great deal since.

Not just about marketing but about copy. And I'm afraid I have learned since then that I got some very important things utterly wrong.

But perhaps the most important thing I've found is this:

What works and what doesn't in the new media that have sprung up, is almost EXACTLY what it was for the old media that have always been there.

Why is this? Because as the great copywriter John Caples pointed out 40 years ago: "Times change. People don't."

That is why although nearly all the copy I write today is for emails and other online media I still apply the principles I started to acquire 60 years ago

This is your opportunity to find out the benefits of a lifetime of knowledge.

And get a free signed copy of 'Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing'
- for those of you who already have a copy of 'Commonsense' you can have a copy of the newest, updated version of 'How To Write Sales Letters (and e-mails) That Sell' instead - just let me know.

Where will you go from here?

What happens on this day is important. But what happens afterwards matters far more.

Some of the world's best have learned from me. Many became creative directors. One, besides setting up and selling his own agency won more Cannes Creative Awards than anyone ever has. Another was voted the best creative director in Asia three years in a row. Yet another who started with me aged 19 became one of Australia's best-known names. And one now runs the hottest agency on the US West Coast.

What could I do for you? You will never know unless you say "yes" to this opportunity.

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