It's been a week or two since Al goaded me into testing whether some of the videos in my commonsense programme would sell on their own.

Well, he was right, the little smart-arse. They've been a hit, but that's not such a staggering surprise. The 'How to write and persuade' series has always been one of my most popular efforts.

Come to think of it, after writing practically every day since the dawn of time if I don't know how it's done I'm a pretty hopeless case.

Here's the sort of email I've been getting since we tested the water:

"Dear Drayton,

Breaking down your programs video by video and flogging them off one by one is a fantastic idea.

It makes it a lot easier for me to digest your lessons - without feeling overwhelmed by a daunting pile of info to wade through. And it makes it a lot easier for me to buy it... because rather than having to pay a lot more money up front, I can split the payments up over a couple of pay cheques. I imagine you could double the amount of money you make on each program simply by selling the videos bit by bit in this way.

Can't wait to invest in parts 2 and 3 of your persuasive writing course.

Thank you so much for sharing your common sense wisdom.

All the best,

Your fan,


So you can now buy the second webinar by clicking here.

And if you're still thinking about getting the first, it's here.

Please don't forget to send me your thoughts and comments.

It's important, because if I don't know what you want, what you don't and what you think, how can I do better?



PS I wasn't joking when I said I wish to God there was a resource like this when I was starting out. If you don't mind making the mistakes I did, I guess there's no need to watch the video. | 8 Holyrood street, Mariners Wharf, London, SE1 2EL | 0845 3700 121