My partner Al delivered a real hammer blow this week. I feel like sacking him. Really.

Every few weeks, we meet up to record videos and podcasts.

Some of it I use for my commonsense programme.

Some of it I give away.

Some of it just gathers dust and is never used to be honest.

Anyhow, Iím always saying, ďIf you donít believe in what youíre selling - give up. Youíre in the wrong job.Ē

And to my horror, Al told me he wouldnít subscribe to my marketing programme. But then, heís always been a skinflint.

But he countered that itís not about the money. Itís about time. He went on:

ďThereís hours of content. Great if I was a student Ė but Iím not. Iím busy. And it annoys the crap out of me how much good stuff there is there that will never see the light of dayĒ.

I have to say, he struck a raw nerve.

So you know what Iím going to do?

Test of course. What else?

My conversation with Al came about this week when we were recording. He sat there, while I was wittering away, and pondered over the fact that only the people with a lot of time and a few spare quid handy would see it. He thought that was wrong. He thought we should just offer one video Ė anyone can find a hour in a month if they really want to.

Does he have a point?

Only you can answer the question.

So I've made a 57 minute video on a few surprising things bruising experience has taught me.

  • How one of my biggest clients made a fortune by mailing people who say they hate direct mail
  • Why people almost always lie when you ask them what they think
  • Why most new products fail despite millions spent on research.
  • The bizarre, utterly illogical way millionaires behave
  • Trader Jim Youngís five reasons to advertise (many firms ignore most of them)
  • What happened when we added TV to direct mail
  • How one simple change boosted preferences for an airline by 249%
  • The most foolish thing I am doing right now (there are others!)
And lots more like that.

In fact I went through the painful process of watching this video. If you donít write down at least 20 helpful ideas Ė to make you money or save you money - then Iíll be flabbergasted (and you can get your money back).

Itís not free - but it's only $29.97 (thatís about £24 sterling, including VAT). Itís a one off payment. No subscription. You can buy it here.

You can watch it instantly. And you can download it. I've also done an audio MP3 version too.

And if you donít think itís worth every penny, tell me and Iíll refund you in full.

If it goes well, I might not sack Al, and I'll deliver some more like it.

If it bombs, the young guns out there might want to send in their resume / CV.

Of course, I'm biased, but the video really should get you thinking about what you need to find out about your prospects and how to do it. I talk about different medias too.



PS I wish to God there was a resource like this when I was starting out. If you don't mind making the mistakes I did, I guess there's no need to watch the video.

PPS I've thrown in a free bonus too. | 8 Holyrood street, Mariners Wharf, London, SE1 2EL | 0845 3700 121